Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Five – Christmas Traditions

Jan at RevGalBlogPals writes:

Christmas traditions vary from family to family and from regions afar. I've been pleased that my oldest son's wife AA loves to be with our family for Christmas, though I don't think we do anything out of the ordinary. It helps that DC has one brother and two sisters to liven up our home.
Since I finally decorated the Christmas tree and have started baking Christmas cookies, I am thinking of Christmas only being one week away.
So for this Friday Five, tell us five things about the traditions in your family. Think of

  • traditions you always do – since we’ve been pastors, we’ve always hosted an annual open house at the manse. Our families live in other states, and the open house gives us the comfort of a “family” celebration which we seldom get to enjoy because of Christmas Eve services.]
  • traditions you always cook or eat - For at least 25 years, my son and daughter and sometimes a friend or two show up to bake cut-out sugar cookies which are then iced and decorated with a variety of toppings. These are nice thick cookies that always stay soft – IF you know the secret to the recipe.
  • traditions you would like to start – attending a midnight Christmas Eve service where I have no leadership responsibilities.
  • traditions you would like to discard – Sending Christmas cards to people I see every week. I still like to get the notes from friends I seldom see and I really enjoy the newsy letters that are included – even if we find they are usually either full of only the good stuff or only the year’s complaints.
  • anything about your family Christmases – We were always permitted to open a present of our choosing on Christmas Eve.

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