Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here is our King

One of the bloggers at Rev Gal Blog Pals gave us this link depicting pictures of Jesus’ life from birth to the cross set to the song Here Is Our King

Sermon title was taken from another website:  The Servant King with Scars …. what does that mean for us?

In a reading from the Celtic Daily Prayer, there is this simple but profound question and answer:

"Question: What are the only human-made things in heaven?
Answer: The wounds in the hands, feet and side of Christ."

One of the most fascinating facts about the New Testament story of Jesus is that after his resurrection he is revealed with his scars.

When his disciples doubt who he is, he shows them the scars in his hands, side and feet.

Those scars are five signs of the most compelling love the world has ever known-complete, self-emptying, utter love for all of us.

In other words, God the Father chooses to reveal Jesus in a perfect, resurrected body with the healed, gruesome wounds from the crucifixion.

To this day, we still know Jesus by his scars.


(Words are not my own …)

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