Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Five: Winter’s On the Way

Snow Pictures 231

This week we were asked to think about the upcoming winter weather. Praying fervently that we don’t have a repeat of the scene above – 26” in two days.

Hard exercise to do since it is 65 degrees here today … still, we know it’s coming …


1. What is your favorite movie for watching when curled up under a wooly blanket?

Holiday Inn – I know it’s really a Christmas movie but it’s still a winter favorite.

2. Likewise, what book? – No particular book that I reread but a good mystery is always a good thing on a cold day.

3. What foods do you tend to cook/eat when it gets cold?  Chili definitely ranks high on the list as does a roast, potatoes and carrot menu or cranberry pork roast cooked in the crock pot.  I also love potato soup on a cold winter day.

4. What do you like to do if you get a "snow day" (or if you don't get snow days, what if you did)?

Snow days are definitely meant for hunkering down and just having a good excuse not to do anything except enjoy the day …. sometimes that means a PJ day – staying in them all day without a hint of guilt.

5. Do you like winter sports or outdoor activities, or are you more likely to be inside playing a board game? Do you have a favorite (indoors or out)?

Can’t say that I like winter sports – although a day of sled riding around a fire is a treat.  More likely to find me inside around a board game if there’s someone available to join me. If not, computer Scrabble is fine.

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